Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pens Again!

Yes, it's that time of the month - pay day!

I'm looking at more pens again (I'm such a pen whore - the amount I have is ridiculous) and I'm going to go for more of a graphic look. I've been using fineliners mostly (0.7, 0.5 & 0.1), but I'm still a big fan of the Kuretake Fude Pen (see the Coyote cartoon) which is slowly becoming my favourite - so much in fact, that I've started looking at other brush pens.

I've already got Copic, Faber & Pentel brush pens, but they all have the same problem - too floppy. The Kuretake is much stiffer, and suits my drawing style more. However, there are other types of brush pens - the dual ended markers, which have a bullet tip at one end, and a foam brush tip at the other. Top of these are the Tombow & KureTake brands, so I'm going to buy two of each - one in black, and one in light grey (for shading) and see how these go...


Cathy said...

Thanks for your advice on my blog, Hypervox, and I looked up that thread and it looked scary and had stuff in and I think I might look at it again tomorrow in the hope that it will look a little less scary cos of being more familiar and so on. Or I may give up in despair and just call the guy who fitted the hard drive in the first place and say something along the lines of 'Now look what you've done!' and one of the advantages of being thought of as being completely bonkers is that nobody bats and eyelid when you act that way.

Hypervox said...

Not as bad as it looks Cathy :)

Anyway, you could never be bonkers - you're just as sane as the rest of us.

signed: Titty Walrus Banger III