Friday, July 20, 2018

To Didg, or not to Didg–that is the question…

I write this blog mainly for my own use – it acts as a kind of online dumping ground for ideas, thoughts, pictures and stuff.  It also acts as my souding board when I need to think about my art.

I recently bought myself an iPad Pro – and it’s great.  It lets me work with vectors (Affinty Designer), photos (Affinity Photo), and cariactures (Procreate/Medibang Pro).  It’s a very good tool.

And yet, the amount of art I have created rcently has dropped.  It could be that I’m overworked in my day job (which has certainly been the case of late), but I’m more concerned that i…just...don’t…like...using my iPad.  There’s something very…tactile about taking a pencil, placing in on paper and starting to draw.  I relax when I draw this way, but if I try and draw on my iPad I get tense, tired and irritable.  It’s odd.

Colouring seems to be a different thing with me.  I’ve coloured sketches digitally in the past and achieved nice professional results…

Shaun raven liz taylor

…and yet, something like “Tuco” here makes me feel… happier.


I can’t tell you why this is, but it makes me realise one thing – paper is for drawing, not a glass screen.