Friday, October 30, 2009

CCGB Compo 31/10/2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Character Designs - Fuzz

Meet Fuzz. Fuzz is a hamster character I'm working on for a new comic I'm planning. Looks cute doesn't he? How wrong you would be, because Fuzz is a hamster with attitude! The first version is done with Lamy's, the others with mapping nib and brush.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's no good...

I've tried, and tried and tried...

...but I can't create digitally.

I've tried different types of software to create my cartoons - Artrage, Manga Studio, OpenCanvas, Painter... the list goes on and on. I've tried digitally inking, pencilling, vectors, everything.

And I hate them.

I love paper and ink. There, I've said it. I'd rather pick up a pencil and draw my cartoon, ink it with pens and brushes, rather than try to re-create the feel of it digitally. There's just something so bloody sexy about it. If you're reading this Cathy, I think I'm beginning to understand where you're coming from now.

Having said all that, I still feel happier colouring digitally - I like correcting my mistakes after all!

Keep watching people, because I'm working on a new fluffy project right now, and you'll be the first to see the previews - watch this space peeps!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Honest answers required...

Well, I'm in a bit of a quandary. I'm trying to work out if I prefer my line art using Xara, or inking by hand - what do YOU think?

First off, a tramp (or is it a former RBS employee?)Secondly, a practice piece inked in Xara - am I wasting my time?

One thing I have noticed - the whole process is faster by hand...!

Friday, October 09, 2009

More Ladies

Couple of more girls today. We have a girl at a party...

... and a mum (or auntie) and her baby (aaawww!)

I think both show that I'm getting better!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lamy Girls (warning ** nudity **)

I said there would be some updates soon didn't I? Here are my LAMY Girls - warning, there is nudity...
Here is my greek girl, and the first one drawn this week (you should notice that they get progressively better!)

Now it's Action Girl - yes, I know the boobs are off...

Now it's Goth Girl - generally better than the previous too - except for the feet (what was I thinking?)
Now for Action Girl - complete with "Monkey" style staff, and getting better still...
Lastly, Nude Girl - MUCH better all round, including the pose (this also has the destinction of being the first drawing withe new Uni Eno Soft Blue leads)...

What do you think? Note for myself - Greek Girl has best arms, Nude Girl has best overall figure and style.


Interesting week so far. My last compo toon got 2 points, amid some very stiff competition, but it was the first one to use my new Lamy Nexx. I've now got some Uni Eno Soft Blue leads from Taiwan in my favourite tech pencil, and I love 'em! They're much nicer to use than the Pilot Blue leads that I have been using (lighter, much more erasable), and I feel much more comfortable using these when I'm drawing.

I've been doing a lot of Toon ladies in the last week, as I'm trying to get a more sensual female character style (including changes to lips, body proportions etc..) but hands are still my bogey item! I'll post some soon, once I'm happy with how they're going (there will be some nudity - you have been warned...)

Perhaps I'll take some pictures of my drawing kit soon - just for future reference... :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Thoughts on the LAMY Nexx...

OK - MY Lamy Nexx (with EF Nib) has finally arrived, thanks to those good people at The Writing Desk. So far, I've been very impressed by it. It has a lovely feel, thanks to the aluminum barrel & rubber grip, and it's balance is good. It seems a bit easier to handle than the Lamy Safari (at least, for drawing), although it's a similar size, but the star of the show is definitely the nib. Smooth (for a fine nib), fast & free flowing. Expect to see more work from me soon, using this new pen... :)

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