Thursday, October 08, 2009


Interesting week so far. My last compo toon got 2 points, amid some very stiff competition, but it was the first one to use my new Lamy Nexx. I've now got some Uni Eno Soft Blue leads from Taiwan in my favourite tech pencil, and I love 'em! They're much nicer to use than the Pilot Blue leads that I have been using (lighter, much more erasable), and I feel much more comfortable using these when I'm drawing.

I've been doing a lot of Toon ladies in the last week, as I'm trying to get a more sensual female character style (including changes to lips, body proportions etc..) but hands are still my bogey item! I'll post some soon, once I'm happy with how they're going (there will be some nudity - you have been warned...)

Perhaps I'll take some pictures of my drawing kit soon - just for future reference... :)

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