Friday, August 28, 2015

Mixed Media Caricatures - method for my own notes....

As you can see from above, I love doing caricatures / portraits using mixed media, and for my own reference, I'm documenting the method I used above for Keira Knightly (as it worked so well).

Stage 1:  Pencil sketch on plain paper
Stage 2:  Transfer pencil sketch to Bristol Board using a lightbox and Ink pens (in future, I might just use pencil and add ink later - we'll see...)
Stage 3:  Water color underpainting of subject
Stage 4:  Colour pencil blending and detail layer
Stage 5:  Guoache highlights / details
Stage 6:  Acrylic background (includes slow dry medium to create a "wash" like effect).

My next attempt will be Christopher Lee / Peter Cushing, at which point I'll document each stage...