Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Test

Ok - I tried a test this lunchtime - I took a predrawn picture, and tried to ink it in 20 mins, 3 times using different software. Firstly, Manga Studio - now I DO like this program, but it's always a pain getting the settings right. I've found that to get a good inked picture, you have to ink a 1200dpi, and reduce down. Today I took the default settings (600 dpi) and realised my mistake, as the picture was a bit jagged. Secondly, Inkscape - worked well, quite quick, but wasted time on fills - really annoyed me that - but good overall, and slightly better than MS. Lastly - Xara X1 (soon to be replaced in my arsenal by Xtreme 4.0) - worked well, output great. Although It doesn't respond to pressure as well as the other two, I still managed to get a better looking cartoon (and completed more of it) than the other two, mainly because the default line in Xara is better.

Xara then, won by a small margin - we'll have to see how Xara Xtreme does!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Xmas

'Nuff said. Drawn on paper, inked in Manga Studio, coloured in GIMP

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yup - still here...

...and still working for the same company (at least for the moment). Lots has happened since the last post, some good, some bad. On the good side, I still have a job, but on the bad side, one of my best friends is about to loose his. We've worked together for 8 years, and knowing that he'll be gone next week is just SO wrong. Good luck Chris & Sonia - let's make sure we keep in touch.

To others I've worked with, I also say good luck, and I hope things work out. Keith (Hunkster) , make sure you send me your email if you change it :) and Manik, I'm available if required...:)