Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kuretake woes

You'll remember from my last post that I love using the Kuretake Fude pen. Well, not any more, as I've hit a big snag with it. I like drawing on white card (i can get it cheap, it holds up well to rough erasing, and I can use wet media on it), but the Fude Pen doesn't like it. It's started leaving big blobs of ink, which leads to smudging. Looks as if the ink is having trouble being absorbed by the card, or there is simply too much ink being sent to the nib. Either way, it's nasty. I've drawn a piece half an hour ago, and some of the ink is still wet!

The card I've used before for colour work, and is usually fine. I've noticed that my new sketchbook doesn't like the Kuretake ink either...

If I can't get this sorted out, it will be the end for the Kuretake.

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