Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Funny... The Answer!

Figured my problem out. It isn't my drawing as such - i'm reasonably happy with my current style, nor is it my method. It's my lack of animation.

I recently bought a Looney Toons dvd box set, and whilst I was watching it, I realised why I like cartoons in the first place - it's the action. All the double takes, the crashes, wallops, zipping around, punch-ups, chases - it's all action.

I started to look at my old cartoons, and with a couple of exceptions, everything I've done is too static - there's no movement. What I need to capture is a real sense of movement in my cartoons. With that in mind, I'm looking into the work of Roger Smythe (Andy Capp) and Tim Harries (Never Say Dai) - both these cartoonists have a very regimented style (like mine), but they exude movement - let's see if I can capture some of that in my next work...

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