Friday, September 04, 2009

Pens Again - The Update!

Ok - All my pens have now arrived. I bought 3 Zig Dual tip pens (Black, Cool Grey and Blender), a Pentel Sign Pen, a Papermate Nylon and a Uni POSCA black fine tip (I already have the white fine tip).

First impressions: The Sign pen and the Nylon are practically the same - good for quick sketches in the sketch book (the Sign Pen is slightly better at line & wash). The Zigs - well, I'm not sure. Very versatile, but the ink is slightly purple when used with line & wash - although the grey is nice (wish I had picked a darker shade though...).

The real start however, is the marker that was bought as a afterthought - the Uni Posca black fine tip. The tip is a bit harsh, and can feel a bit scratchy, but the line - lovely! Not much variance, but nice and black, with almost no bleed, and it dries fast. The added advantage is that the white version of the marker can cover the black extremely well (just make sure it's really dry first). This is one of the problems I had when I brought the white marker - on many of my pens, it couldn't cover them up (even the so called waterproof ones) - but it just loves the black POSCA.

I may even be thinking of buying more of these markers in future...

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