Monday, June 14, 2010

Technology Update

As mentioned on my web comic, my lovely wife has decreed that I can have a bit of a splurge, and a lovely tablet pc should be (hopefully) winging it's way to me with utmost speed.
Why a tablet pc? Simply put, although I use a graphics tablet, I just can't get the hand/eye co-ordination right. I need to draw on a computer, the way I can on a piece of paper, and with that in mind, I had three options:

1. A Cintiq (too bloody expensive - unless your name is noel ford :)
2. A iPad (too expensive again)
2. A tablet pc (just about in my price range)

I can't wait... :)


john said...

you'll have to let us know what its like when you've tried it...and then I'll have to see if my "lovely" wife will let me have one too !!!!!

Hypervox said...

Willdo John!