Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Request Work

A very good friend of mine, Chris, recently contacted me, asking if I could come up with a cartoon for his blog. In short, the company he was working for was being screwed by a certain ISP, to the point where my friend, a very competent network admin, could not administer his own network, whilst having to pay the ISP a substantial amount of money for the privilege. He wanted a cartoon that showed the rip-off value of what he was experiencing. He also wanted a cartoon for the banner of the blog, showing the sheer futility of his job...

I sympathize entirely of course, having been in similar situations myself. Hopefully mate, I've done you proud, and I promise, I'll get round to colouring them as soon as poss. Chris's blog can be found here, and will make very entertaining reading - once he gets round to writing it ;)

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