Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inkscape Inking Test

As promised, here is the Inkscape inking comparison. I created a cartoon of Teeah & Crash just for this. Here is the Inkscape version...
And here is the hand inked version (ignore the pencil lines of the dialog in this one...)

An interesting experiment, and here are my findings....
  • The initial sketch and ink drawing took an hour - the Inkscape inks took 45 mins, so both methods are comparable.
  • The shading in the Inkscape drawing is not at subtle - You can't get the really thin strokes you need for this in Inkscape.
  • The Inkscape drawing is good, but it lacks a bit of character. The drawing can appear "heavy handed".
  • The Ink drawing seems "punchier" - this could just be that the outline is thicker.
  • The Ink drawing has more character - is this because it has more "neuances" that just don't exist in the Inkscape version?
I think at present, I'll stick with manual inking, although I need a better "white-out" system... :)

Here is another Inkscape version - I've changed a couple of things, most notably by using thinning lines with the calligraphy pen, as well as thickening lines. I've also changed the shading by using the tweak tool to roughen, and then shrink the paths. I think it looks better :)

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