Friday, May 14, 2010


Yup - that's the official title of the comic. Above you'll find parts 3&4, and I've tried a couple of new things here which worked / didn't work.

  • Panel borders were drawn freehand - didn;t work, too messy to look at!
  • Lettering done in Xara - much better, but I think I might have to change the main font
  • The process of drawing/scanning/converting was too long. I might consider for the next two drawing them in Xara.
Let me know what you think people - as I said before, this is a work in progress.


john said...

These are great..personally I like the boxes drawn freehand...what is Xara ?

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Good luck with the strip, keep at it and let it develop. I read your comments about the pen and the computer. I would say its not so much the black of the line, but the look of the line. I use a brush ,as does people like Hunt Emerson to give a character and look to the drawing. Dont dismiss various pens and brushes as they can and do make a big difference to how a character looks.

Hypervox said...

Thanks Guys!

John - Xara is a vector graphics package for the PC. I'm currently deciding between this and a paint program called OpenCanvas to do the post production work.

Tim - Interesting. Guessed you used a brush or dip pen nib. The problem I find is that a brush is too soft (i'm quite heavy handed). Saying that, I have done two more cartoons this weekend using a brush marker from Zig (similar to a tombow) so let me know what you think when I put these up later today...)