Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ultravox ROCK!

It's official - the guys are back and they can STILL rock!

If you're an 80's kid (like moi), and you know anything about the synth rock / pop scene, then you'll know about Ultravox, the british band responsible for the grandest piece of synth rock/opera ever produced - I am of course, talking about the mighty Vienna.

Well, I couldn't make any live gigs when they were at their height in the 80's, and would you believe it, I couldn't make any of their live gigs when they reformed last year. But now however, I have in my hands the live cd/dvd of their reformation tour "Return to Eden" Ultravox Fan Site

Midge Ure - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Chris Allen - Bass/Keyboards/Vocals
Billie Currie - Keyboards/Viola
Warren Caan - Drums, Electronic Percussion/Vocals

The band always have been a great inspiration to me. Warren Cann is my 2nd favourite canadian, and my all time drumming hero (yes Warren, I picked up sticks because of you). You guys changed my life forever, and I am forever in your debt.

If you're a synth rock/pop fan, do yourself a favour - get the album/dvd, and enjoy!

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