Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Latest "Kenco" moment...

I just realized something really important regarding cartooning in Xara Xtreme. Why am I creating line art, when I should be using filled shapes? Not only do I not have to colour them in, but I choose the display hierarchy. If I create a wheel for instance as a filled shape, that can then be used both sides of a car picture that's not head on, provided the car is a filled shape too.

I can be really thick at times (slaps head). Never mind - hopefully, I'll post an example by the end of the week. By the way, a "kenco moment" is the same as a "eureka" moment, only coffee flavoured... :)

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Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Hello there 'vox
Just catching up on your site, very nice. About the Danni and dishi thing, yeah ,the link does seem to come up with the page unable, or whatever, but on the page the e-mail address is there telling you how you cant be put through to it. Just send that e-mail address of seperatly and it should be ok.Let me know how it goes.