Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fingers finally gets caught!

Really had fun(!) with this one. It took ages because I tried to do it digitally, and although I found some part easy to do, I couldn't get the drawing side right, so in the end, I went back to traditional methods.

If I did this again, I would make the background of the helmet black, and not fill in "Fingers" stripes. Expect to see more coming soon, as I've bought some more pens.....

Fave Pens for quick cartoons: Pentel Tradio (great for everything), Copic Multiliner SP Brush Pen (Very controllable for a brush pen), Copic Sketch Marker.

Fave Pens for best: Dip pen, with a manuscript drawing nib (or post office nib) with FW acrylic Ink - gives me the best lines.

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